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Higher Education Sponsorship for Poor Meritorious Students, Dhaka   Jalalabad Rotary School
RAFCO - Promoting Student’s Health at Baharchara, Chittagong   11 Promoting Education and Health of Working Children - Dhaka
Tauri Foundation Education & Rehabilitation, Paba Upazila, Rajshahi   12 Help Center of Education for Disadvantaged Children & Women, Dhaka
Gramay Cholo Gram Goro - Education of Poor Children of Mingram, Jessore   13 Dustho Kallayn Sangstha- (DUKS)
Center for Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (CRP), Savar, Dhaka   14         IMPACT Foundation - Cure and Prevention of Cataracts & Blindness, Dhaka
Shishu Polli Plus Health Services for Children, Sreeper Village, Gazipur   15 Saber Ahmed Master Foundation (RAFCO2) Eye Project, Baharachara, Chittagong
Rotary Center Free Friday Clinic
Korail Basti, Banani, Dhaka
  16 Rehabilitation of Hearing Impaired Children - Hicare School, Banirapara
Rotary Center Primary School
Korail Basti, Banani, Dhaka
  17 DNET Aponjon
Medical Camps - Nishwa Shahayak Shangstha - Healthcare for the Poor, Faridpur   18 DNET Infolady, Jessore


Higher Education Sponsorship for Poor Meritorious Students

The Rotary Club provides funding for many projects that help the underprivileged in Bangladesh, including Primary School, Medical Camps, Rehabilitation for the Paralyzed and an orphanage.

With support from BACHAO, this project will be able to continue to:

    • Provide funding for students who have scored GPA-5 in SSC exam for HSC
    • Provide funding for students who have scored GPA-5 in HSC exam for higher studies
    • Increase the number of students helped, currently 26 of 162



RAFCO - Promoting Student’s Health at Baharchara, Chittagong

RAFCO has conducted several medical camps for girls, an eye camp for 2,000 patients, distribute education kits and hold Student Awareness meetings

With support from BACHAO, this project will be able to continue to:

    • Provide basic health and sanitation supplies among their poor students
    • Those supplies include Toilet rings for the students and their families, nail cutters
      and hand washing soap


Tauri Foundation, Paba Upazila, Rajshahi

Tauri Foundation strives to provide assistance, education and rehabilitation to underprivileged children with special needs, as well as impart overall life skills to mentally and physically challenged children and provide support groups for their families.

With support from BACHAO, this project will be able to continue to:

    • Organize disability screening camps for rural and impoverished children
    • Provide therapeutic services to underprivileged children who would otherwise go untreated
    • Train parents of the underprivileged disabled children to give necessary therapy at home
    • Provide education and vocational training to those able and disabled rural
      children living under poverty
    • Grow the current “Inclusive School for Underprivileged Children” by renting
      more school rooms and appointing more teachers


Gramay Cholo, Gram Goro, Mingram, Jessore

This is an on-going project of AMB, which used BACHAO funds to expand their charity work. Their mission is to improve socio-economic condition of the poor villagers by providing mass education, basic health care, and training for unskilled farmers in rural area of Mingram, which is home to approximately 10,000 people.

BACHAO funds have been used to:

    • Run 4 Nursery schools serving approximately 60 to 80 poor children
    • Construct a room for Class 1 of a Primary School
    • Supply clothes & financial help to 15 poor meritorious students of the local
      Girls High School.
    • Provide books to the Library and text books to some poor students
    • Provide limited healthcare to poor elderly villagers
    • Introduce improved methods of cultivation such as supplying better seeds and
      fertilizers and use of economical tractors, etc.


Centre for Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (CRP), Savar, Dhaka

CRP, founded in 1979, provides medical treatment and physical/economic rehabilitation for paralyzed people. They seek to promote an environment where all disabled people can have access to health, rehabilitation, education, employment, the built environment and information. 84% of CRP’s patients come from the poorest part of the community who cannot, or struggle to, bear the cost of treatment & rehabilitation. Without assistance, most of them would be permanently disabled with no future and become a permanent burden on their families.

BACHAO funds have already assisted the CRP to:

    • Provide various vocational skill development training and support those who are poor
    • Provide 16 sewing machines for the rehabilitation of the poor vocational trainees
      (provide necessary tools/equipment so that they can earn income on their own)
    • Provide 16 wheelchairs (built at CRP) for the very poor


Shishu Polli Plus’s Health Service for Children, Sreepur Village, Dhaka

Sreepur Village is a purpose built “children’s village” 60 km from Dhaka City run by Shishu Polli Plus. SPP provides assistance to destitute mothers and children. Their hope is to create a society where underprivileged women and children are provided with tools for a better life. Since its inception, SPP has rehabilitated 2138 children and 539 mothers. At present, 500 children and 150 destitute mothers live in the village.

Clinic and healthcare is a part of holistic approach of SPP’s work which ensures preventive and curative medical care. SPP has a clinic on its own premises. Funding provided by BACHAO is used to:

    • Cover partial cost of the Health Care Clinic for children & destitute mothers
    • Provide support to receive better treatment at external hospitals & clinics
    • Provide health education


Rota Center Free Friday Clinic, Korail Basti, Banani, Dhaka

Rota Center Free Clinic works to provide primary health care to the underprivileged children and women of Korail slum and adjoining area. The Project site “Korail Basti” is at Banani area of Dhaka city. At present over fifty thousand floating population live is thatched housing in “Korail Basti” under sub-human condition. The worst suffers are the children and women. Given minimum food, shelter, education and healthcare they can become good citizens and contribute in nation building activities. Rotary Club of Gulshan is trying to address these human miseries as much as possible within its meager resources and capabilities.

With funding from BACHAO, the Rotary Club

• To organize various health related camps, such as Dental Camp, Blood pressure camp, blood sugar camp, blood donation camp occasionally
• To provide free medicine to the patients
• To provide financial assistance to serious patients for specific treatment



Rota Center Primary School, Korail Basti, Banani, Dhaka

Run by BACHAO’s local partner, the Rotary Club of Gulshan, this program is focused on providing primary education to the underprivileged children and literacy program for the working women of Korail Basti. Over 50,000 people live in “Korail Basti” under sub-human conditions. Children and women are the worst sufferers. This is an-going program of Rotary Club of Gulshan which began receiving funded from BACHAO in 2009.

With assistance from BACHAO, the program is:

    • Expanding to include primary school up to Class 5 (Originally there were 70
      underprivileged children enrolled in up to Class 3)
    • Increasing enrollment in the women’s literacy program. The literacy program
      will include 50 working women of the Basti area.
    • Provide financial assistance for the outgoing students of primary school for
      higher studies in nearby formal schools.



Medical Camp, Prithimpassa Union of Moulvi Bazar District and Tuker Bazar Union of Sylhet District

Nishwa Shahayak Shangstha (NSS) was founded in 2007 and is a community development non-profitable, non-political, non-secretarian organization aiming at bringing about the overall development of the helpless, disadvantage and the ultra poor of both genders in different communities.

The goal of NSS is to complete a multi-phase project that aims to:

    • Provide free medicine and exams by registered doctors to approximately
      800-100 patients in Tuker Bazar Union of Sylhet District.
    • Provide medical assistance to approximately 500 inhabitants of the selected
      slums (10-12 nos) in collaboration with SSKS, a local NGO.



Jalalabad Rotary School, Sylhet

This is an on-going project funded by BACHAO in 2009 also. The Jalalabad Rotary School, established in 2003, is run by the Jalalabad Rotary Club, Sylhet chapter. The approximately 80 students of the school are mostly of poor single parents, or orphans, or vagabonds. They live by working on the roadside tea stalls, shops, and in houses as aides.

With BACHAO’s assistance, the school has been able to:

    • Expand to accommodate more students and to provide books/educational
      kits to each student
    • Provided primary health care for each of the underprivileged students
    • Focuses on providing functional literacy over three years, covering National Primary
      Education Curriculum to under-privileged children ages 4 to 10 years.




Promoting Education and Health of Working Children (PEHWC), Dhaka

BRPOWA was founded in 1982 and registered as a non-government, non-political, non-profit and humanitarian social organization under the Registration and Control Ordinance, 1961 by the Voluntary Social Welfare Organization of Department of Social Welfare, Government of Bangladesh.

With support from BACHAO, this project will be able to continue to:

The overall purpose of the project is to improve the lives of vulnerable and excluded children at Rajarbagh Police Lines who are working in the Mess/Canteen/Barrack of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP). The specific focus of the project will be to protect them from long working hours and enable them accessing to non-formal education and primary healthcare facilities. Major activities of the project are to:

    • Provide pre-school education, vocational training and health care referral services.
    • Conduct awareness building, advocacy and counseling programs.
    • Organize recreational activities.
    • Strengthening Pre-School Education Program for Working Children.
    • Build capacity of Police authorities and Non State Actors (NSAs)/
       Local Management Bodies (LMBs) for reduction of child Labor and other forms
       of child rights violations.
    • Enhance protection of working children from difficult circumstances by improving
       working conditions.



The Help Center of Education for The Distressed Children and Women

Situated in Mouza Genda under Savar Pourashava, The Help Center started in September 2000 in a rented room and later shifted in it’s own newly constructed building in 2001. Initially the school started with infant class followed by addition of classes I & II. The fast growing Moholla Genda has a Government Primary School with limited seats to cope with the growing needs of the locality.

With support from BACHAO, this project will be able to continue to:

    • Educating socially disadvantaged children to
      take part in main stream society with equal opportunity.
    • Alleviating poverty through participation of poor
      housewives in income generating activities.



Dustho Kallayn Sangstha-DUKS - Education & Health Development of the Slum Dweller Children, Nalchity, Jhalakhati

Founded in January of 1988, DUKS works to create a world of equal opportunities where the poor people are able to raise their voice, exercise rights & access information & communication technologies to improve their lives & feel empowerment, thus poverty disparity between men and women will be eliminated from society.

The broad objective of the project is to develop the education and health situation of children currently living in Khasmohol Pukurpar Slum of Nalchity Upazila in Jhalakhati district. The specific objectives of the project are as follows:

    • To create early childhood care and development opportunities for the
        slum children of 5-7 years of age;
    • To ensure primary education for slum children who failed to enroll in the government
       primary school at their age of 6 years and the drop out children from
        primary education currently living in the slum;
    • To promote nutrition status of the students
    • To provide school dress for the students
    • To promote primary health care situation of the children living in the slum.



Impact Foundation Bangladesh (IFB) - Cure and Prevention of Cataract

The mission of IFB is essentially a holistic approach aimed at improving the living conditions of disadvantaged people and communities by preventing disability. The aim of IFB is to prevent and reduce the causes of disability and thereby help reduce poverty through sustainable efforts at the community and national levels.

Experts on disability frequently emphasize the need and importance of preventive interventions not only because of its effectiveness in reducing the occurrence of disability but also the reduced cost of such actions. The cost of preventive efforts is substantially lower. The ‘prevention approach’ has also longer term positive impact. Therefore, IFB is committed to further sharpen its focus on prevention of disability.

The objective of the proposed project is to creating access to surgical and non-surgical eye care services for the underserved population, residing on the banks of different rivers of Bangladesh and enabling themselves for avoiding permanent blindness.



Saber Ahmed Master Foundation (RAFCO-2) Eye Project, Baharachara, Chittagong

The SAM Foundation was founded in March of 2008. In the past, they have completed multiple eye and medical camps. Their goal is to eradicate avoidable blindness and make treatment readily available to poor villagers, as well as provide skills in a working profession to the younger generation.

BACHAO Funds were used here in a very careful and effective way to expand the charity work. RAFCO sees charity work as very noble activities to drive forward society, country as well as the world community for the uplifting of its value, quality and standard. They believe it may work to bring harmony in the civil society of the whole world.

With funding from BACHAO, Saber Ahmed Master Foundation Eye Project has provided:

    • General Eye Treatment to about 450 eye patients (Students & Villagers).
    • Cataract (SICS) operation with lens placement completed for 86 poor rural patients.




Rehabilitation of Hearing Impaired Children - Hicare School, Banirapara

It is reported that approximately 1.2 million children in Bangladesh suffer from some form of hearing loss. The main goal of Hicare is to rehabilitate hearing impaired children. Hicare assesses the level of hearing loss, provides hearing aids, and integrates the children into a special school with specially trained teachers. Hicare also conducts special camps once a year to raise awareness of how the effects of hearing loss are able to be overcome.

Funds provided by BACHAO will be used to:

    • Purchase the necessary equipment such as: hearing aids, molds, and batteries
    • Run the school where the children will learn to speak

    • Organize and publicize the awareness camps



DNET Aponjon

“Aponjon” is a mobile phone based health service for expecting and new mothers in Bangladesh under the auspices of Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA). The goal of the initiative is to contribute to a reduction in maternal and neonatal mortality by improving health-seeking and preventative behaviors. With the support of BACHAO, ‘Aponjon’ can be provided free of charge to the expectant mothers with the most need.

BACHAO’s funding is being used to support disadvantaged pregnant mothers by providing them free text or IVR Health services.

    • The targeted pregnant and new mothers will benefit from Aponjon’s health messages
       from the 6th week of pregnancy till the baby’s 1st birthday – 89 total weeks of service.
    • 267 messages will be provided to each subscriber, as each mother will receive 2 messages
       per week and her designated Gatekeeper (either husband or mother in law or anyone who
       is closer to the mother) will receive 1 message per week.



DNET Infolady

Infolady (‘Tathyakallany,’ the brand name in Bangla) is a revolutionary technology- based ‘women for women’ social enterprise initiative whose mission is to promote fusion of social and technology innovations for building replicable and scalable social development models that contribute towards poverty alleviation, improving well-being and building peace.

With support from BACHAO, DNET’s Infolady program will be able to:

    • Create leading-edge self-employment for rural educated young women for improving citizens’
    • Improve access to information for improving wellbeing of citizens through sustainable uptake
       in the area of health care, agriculture, entrepreneurship and education by creating new
       opportunities for raising income and better outcome in their lives



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