DNET was founded in August of 2001, to promote fusion of social and technology innovations for building replicable and scalable social development models that contribute towards poverty alleviation, improving well-being and building peace. Their mission is to contribute to a reduction in maternal and neonatal mortality by improving health-seeking and preventative behaviors.


BACHAO's donations will help in the folloiwing ways.

    ·         The targeted pregnant and new mothers will benefit from Aponjon’s health

             messages from the 6th week of pregnancy till the baby’s 1st birthday – 89 total

             weeks of service.

    ·         267 messages will be provided to each subscriber, as each mother will receive 2                                  messages per week and her designated Gatekeeper (either husband or mother in law

            or anyone who is closer to the mother) will receive 1 message per week.

    ·         This service will be provided to 330 women who are chosen from among the most                              disadvantaged



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Years Funded:


Amount funded in 2015

$5,000 (US)

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