MIFWOH is a non-profit venture established in 2012 that provides support with the vision to make Bangladesh free from Fistula and other childbirth injuries with improved quality of women’s health and life.

It is very common in Dhaka city that poor women are being neglected or rejected by their husband or children, and as a result they turn out to be homeless and unable to feed themselves. MIFWOH provides support to these poor women and currently, the organization is planning to develop a center for these neglected and deprived women. 

MIFWOH’s mission is to increase the accessibility to services and injury prevention, treatment for issues such as cancer, urinary problems, (especially to the poor), are the main missions of MIFOWH. The institution is also aiming at developing skilled human resources in this discipline.

MIFWOH is an institute that has 22 beds, 2 operation theaters and a staff of around 30. The activities of the institute include both in and out-patient services. The ultra-poor women suffering from birth injuries such as OF, female genital prolapse, perineal tear, vaginal stenosis and other birth related complications, receive required care absolutely free of cost. In addition to the free medical services the institute also trains doctors and nurses on basis and specialized gynecological surgical skills. Every year MIFWOH provides surgical services along with medicines and logistics support to more than 300 women.

MIFWOH often comes across with such ladies and provides them support. Now we want to open a rehabilitation center for such ladies to provide vocational training or entrepreneurial skill training so that they can do something in their life. The center also targets to give minimum level of academic education to those who are able to take it and stand on their own feet. Earlier from the center we have some short such initiatives and now we want to turn the initiative into a regular motive. The center also intends to provide micro credit facilities to the ladies and follow the concept of Professor Younus.


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MAMM'S Institute of Fistula and Womens Health

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Amount funded in 2019

$7,000 (US)

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